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Have you ever reviewed a quiz or test covering the subject of naming and writing inorganic chemical formulas that contained disappointing results? Instead of the name iron(II) nitrate for Fe(NO₃)₂, the quiz had iron nitrogen oxide II. Or the formula of for sodium sulfate, Na₂SO₄, was written as Na₄SO.  These error types can be significantly reduced by employing our Chemical Formula App to minimize the opportunities to make such errors. The skill of writing and naming formulas is a corner stone in the process of learning chemistry. Very little real progress can be made without this skill. All of chemistry depends on the ability to process formulas.

Our app can be used by a single student or groups of two or three students. Multiple opportunities and immediate feedback set the stage for success.   App operation is intuitive leaving the user to focus entirely on learning chemistry. 

Click the titles below to view the Chemical Formula App in operation videos.

Naming       Writing       Oxidation #s

Click the titles below to view the Chemical Reactions App in operation videos.

Word Equations   Writing Reactions   Balancing Reactions

Click the titles below to view the Electron Arrangement App in operation videos.

Orbital-Filling   Electron-configuration   Electron-Dot   Quantum Numbers

Click the titles below to view the Chemistry Basics App in operation videos.

Writing Formulas    Writing Equations   Balancing Equation   Mass-Mass Calculations  

Our apps runs on IOS 9 for iPhone, iPod and iPad. This method of learning chemistry was tested successfully using MAC and PC computers over a ten year period. These are our first apps to go mobile. Ionic Reactions and stoichiometry as well as others soon to follow. 

The following files are additional resources for learning chemistry.

Download Ion Table pdf

 Download Periodic Table pdf

Key Elements pdf

Download Ion Table rtf

Download Periodic Table rtf

 Key Elements tf

Formula Practice Assignments rtf

Formulas ppt

Each pdf, rtf and/or ppt may be freely reprinted, distributed or edited. The Formulas ppt is designed as a presentation in which students have a large number of opportunites to address leading questions as the presentation progresses. 


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